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I don’t have to describe how The Villages is prosperous and thriving and growing every year so I’ll get to the point.
I am developing a social network for The Villages. I have visited a site called Talk of The Villages which has over 80K members and it is simply a message board. The goal I have is a site that connects Villagers. They can find others based on interests, hobbies and more. Couples can find other couples to go out with. Singles can also find other singles. People can find others from the same hometown or state, college, branch of military and more. The search function will enable them to meet with others based on many criteria. Once the site grows, I will advertise on search engines and people who are thinking of moving to The Villages can connect with Villagers prior to moving there. This may entice them to move there greater because they already have connections there.
The Villages has many clubs and groups. Right now they have to visit a club directory and then contact the moderator to join the club. This site will enable already existing clubs to create their own page which will have events and meetings, photos, videos, blogs and more. People can also create new clubs and allow others to join. Many clubs do not have a website so this will also take care of that.
Members will also have their own personal page that they can add blogs, events, videos, pages and many other features.
The site will have a business directory, coupons, games, news, chat, forum, ads and many social interacting features. This description is only a part of the many features that will offer. I will allow businesses to create a business account that not only will create credibility but they can also interact with Villagers. They can even create club pages for their business.
If Talk of the Villages has 80K members, think of the member count of a site that does a whole lot more. This is Facebook for The Villages but exclusively for them.
Paid members will receive coupons and offers to businesses and there is a points system for site activity. The more they do on the site the more points they earn and can redeem them for gift cards.
After the member count grows to a certain number, I will charge for the service. I am thinking only $3 per month which is not much but multiply that by at least 80K.
I am looking for an investor for this site. I already have a few pre-signed up members waiting for it to be finished. I am getting ready to do a new site makeover. This will cost about $1000. I will advertise it in the POA Bulletin, The Villages News website and with post cards. I am confident that this site will be the biggest thing online for them.
As an investor, you as a real estate agent or broker will be the only real estate advertiser. Period. Not only will you get full exposure for your real estate for people living there, what about prospects thinking about moving to The Villages? Also as an investor you will receive a percentage of the site revenue. I am an affiliate online marketer and will be promoting products also.
If this entices you, please contact me at or call me at 727-248-2233
Somebody is going to do this and soon.
Thank you
Steve Jackson

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