As it is now. If you want to join a club in The Villages you have to find a directory where the clubs are listed and contact the moderator of the club and wait to be accepted. No more of that. I am encouraging everybody to put their clubs here. Now it is easy to find all clubs in The Villages. Automatically have a web page for your club or group. Add events, photos and discussion and be able to let all of your members know what’s new right away. Set permissions for you club so that you can let anyone join, approve a request to join or have an invite only group. You can even hide the group listing and have a private club.

It is fin to be able to meet somewhere to gather for your club but now you can all meet online with your computer or smart phone with video conference. Sometimes you may just want to call a quick meeting and don’t need to reserve a spot at the clubhouse so just meet online.

Earn rewards for site activity. the more you are active on the site, the more points you will receive. collect points for posting blogs, comments, liking others’ content and being active on the site. Points can be redeemed for gift cards and certificates at local shops and restaurants as well as online shops like Amazon.

There are also badges and ranking for people who have the most points so got going and start earning.


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