Social Network for Residents of The Villages

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Couples and Singles

Find others to go out with. Couples – you can have your own account as well as a separate account for each one of you. Find others to go out to dinner or go bowling or whatever your interests are. Find others based upon your profile from your hobbies to your social background. The extensive …


Clubs Events Rewards

As it is now. If you want to join a club in The Villages you have to find a directory where the clubs are listed and contact the moderator of the club and wait to be accepted. No more of that. I am encouraging everybody to put their clubs here. Now it is easy to …


Tons of Things to Do

This site is jam packed with all kinds of things to do. There are chat rooms, forums, galleries, downloads with books and cool things for free, if you are an artist you can showcase your work, if you have a product you can sell it, if you have a service you can promote it. There …


Meet Others

This is the local hangout for anyone in The Villages who wants to connect with others. This is great for new people as well as seasoned residents. Let’s face it. 130K people is a lot. This site is designed to connect everybody in The Villages so tell everybody about it. Create a profile. The profile …